Register Options Menu - Customers

From this page you are able to search, create and edit your customer database, as well as select the customer you are about to complete a transaction with.
To get here:
1. Select the Register Options Menu icon     
2. Select Customers from the Register Options Menu
​Touch OK to associate the customer with the current transaction your are about to complete.
The search screen allows searching by Last Name, Phone #, Email and First Name. After entering 2 characters, a list of matching customers will be displayed. You may either select a customer from the list, or enter more characters to reduce the number of customers in the search list.

Touching the New button will display the Customer maintenance screen, where you can add customer info.
All customers added from the tablet/register are sent to the back office when there is Wi-Fi connection. Selecting new also creates the the options of Export and Import. Import the customers from a text file, or Export customers to a text file. Importing customers can only be done from the tablet.
After performing a search for a specific customer you can press the Edit button if a field was entered incorrectly or needs to be updated for the customer.