What should I put in the Retail Value field?

The Retail Value is the amount of money a visitor typically spends at your business, sometimes called the "average ticket". It is the overall value of getting the customer to come back, before the discount is applied.

Here are some examples for how to calculate the Retail Value:

Example 1:

You make an offer "Yogurt is Better With Friends" which gives a customer 2 for 1 on a small cup of frozen yogurt if they bring a friend. A typical visitor spends $6 and a small cup of frozen yogurt is $3. In this case, 2 people would typically spend $12, so $12 is your Retail Value. You will then enter $3 as the Discount, for a net revenue of $9 for this promotion each time one is redeemed.

Example 2:

You offer a second pizza for 50% off when a customer buys any other pizza. The typical visitor spends $22 and the typical pizza pie is $15. In this tricky case, the visitor would typically spend $15 for each pie, for a Retail Value of $30. The discount is 50% of $15 or $7.50.

Example 3:

You are offering air conditioning tune-ups for $99 instead of $169 plus a free dryer vent inspection. The Retail Value is $169 and the discount is set to $70.