How to Opt Out/Unsubscribe from Groovv Offers

Groovv Offers makes it simple to opt-out / unsubscribe from receiving your offers.

  • Customers opt out of your Mobile Customers list by replying STOP via text message to any of your texted offers (or even the first one, the Text2Join welcome offer.)
  • Customers may opt out of your Email Customers list by clicking the opt-out link automatically embedded in the footer of each email you send.
  • At any time, you may manually opt-out a Mobile Customer or Email Customer by going to the Customers tab, selecting the Mobile Customers or Email Customers sub-tab, selecting the customer's email address or phone number by checking the left column’s checkbox, and then clicking the Opt-Out button.

Once a customer is opted out, they can only join again using your Online Sign Up Form or Text2Join (proof to us that they did it themselves). You can always view all opted-out customers under Email Customers via the drop down list.