How do Customers Redeem Your Groovv Offers?

  1. Customers may present cashiers with either a text message containing the offer, an emailed offer, or the offer on its own mobile web page. If the customer shows the text message, ask them to click the link to load the offer on its mobile web page. *Only or
  2. Your customers show your staff the offer on their phone. The staff member simply asks the fan to press the redeem button and show them what is displayed once the button is pressed. 
  3. Groovv Offers will check that this offer has not been used yet and has not expired. If ok, it displays a 'Congrats' page that your customer will show to staff. This is proof of a valid offer. If staff sees an "Ooops" message, you can instruct them not to accept the Offer because it has either already been redeemed or it has expired.
When customers receive a text offer from you, those with smartphones can click the link and see the following screens:


*Important Information About Offer Redemption Tracking

Be sure to Turn ON redemption tracking when you create your offer(s), in the Action Button section of the Offer Design step.

When redemption tracking is turned ON, Groovv Offers will track the number of Offers redeemed by your customers and automatically append your offer with a big, green Redeem button

If you turn redemption tracking OFF, you can still ask customers to simply show the offer or tell your staff they saw it. Groovv Offers will not track any redemption events, or the offer’s validity.