How Do I View Email Stats - Opens, Clicks & Bounces?

  1. Sign in to Groovv Offers.
  2. On the Offers tab, find your offer in the table. Live, currently published offers will be under the Live tab, scheduled offers under Scheduled, saved incomplete/unpublished offers can be found under Drafts, and expired offers under the Expired tab.
  3. Click the title of the offer to view the Offer Summary page.
  4. Your email stats will be on the right side under the yellow email icon.
What are Email Bounces?
A bounce occurs when a sent email is rejected by the receiving mail server. The most common causes for bounced emails include a misspelled email address, a nonexistent email address, or a full recipient inbox.
You can view your bounces on the Customers tab by date, and correct email addresses that were misspelled.
*Note: We do not try the email address again once it bounces.