Start a Mobile / Email List

Starting a mobile list: is an excellent idea if you have lots of customers who are under 30 years old, give or take, or who seem particularly glued to their phones.

You may also have a line of products or services where your customers would appreciate instantly hearing about special “flash” sales, just-opened appointment slots, or other situations where an immediate offer would be welcome.

Additionally, text messaging offers is a great way for mobile businesses like food trucks to tell customers their current location.

Groovv Offers makes it dead-simple to collect mobile phone numbers and send text message offers to your phone list with Text2Join and an Online Sign Up Form.


Starting an email list: is an excellent idea to reach the most number of customers and have them come back to your business to buy again.

Email is used by virtually all U.S. consumers and is an excellent, visual medium to engage your customers.

Groovv Offers makes it very affordable to use email to create more loyal customers, with subscriptions starting at $30 per month.

Groovv Offers makes it dead-simple to collect email addresses and email offers to your email list.