What is a Magic Offer Box?


What is a Magic Offer Box?

A Magic Offer Box allows you to publish themed offers to your website right from Fanminder. Place the code on your website once and swap professional looking offers on the fly anytime without ever touching the code again. It’s works like magic!

To get a Magic Offer Box:

  1. Click the Home tab and click the Create Offer button.
  2. Pick your offer type and then design your offer in Step 2. Click the Offer Boxes tab to see a preview of your offer inside the Offer Box.
  3. In Step 3, look for the orange Offer Box icon to add a new Offer Box.
  4. In the Offer Box setup window, choose your size and email the Offer Box code with instructions to yourself.

How to Add a Magic Offer Box to your Website:

  1. Copy the code.
  2. Open your website using your standard editing application, find the page you want, and view the page’s code.
  3. Paste the code as HTML where you want your Offer Box to appear. You can place your Offer Box on as many pages as you want.
  4. View the page live on your website to see your Offer Box in action. Done!
  5. From Fanminder, you can edit or swap offers inside your Offer Box at any time.

 Tips When Adding Your Magic Offer Box to your Website:

  1. Be sure to paste the code in between the opening and closing tags as appropriate for the file type. For instance, if its .html it should be within <html>, </html> block. We support all standard file types (i.e., .html, .htm, php, .jsp, .aspx, etc.) that support HTML tags inside them.
  2. Do not modify the code provided. If you change the width or height, it will show a white background for the free space and it wont look very good.
  3. In general, if you paste the code to a static HTML page, there’s no need to restart the server. Some web frameworks and platforms may require a restart. If you’re having problems viewing your Offer Box, try clearing the cache folder of the web server and restarting it.
  4. If you use redirects on your website, you may have to add a redirection rule to show your Offer Box content. Before attempting to add a new rule, first verify that your Offer Box is accessible from the front most server (e.g. apache server) before coming to internal server where the actual web site is deployed and where the redirection rules are applied.