Printer Paper - Replace (One)

Listed below are the instructions for replacing the paper for your Groovv One. Click Here to order printer paper.
Groovv One Register (Built In Printer)  
1. While standing in front of the register, place finger underneath indentation located at the top of the lid covering the register's printer, and gently lift up toward yourself to remove the printer's lid.
2. With your right hand, press down-to the right, and hold the small black release latch located on towards the right-center of the printer
3. While pressing down the small black lever in the above step, with your left hand, lift the printer feeder to a vertical position
4. Gently lift the green lever toward you into a vertical position.
5. Remove the old roll / discard any excess or remaining paper left over by the old roll.
6. Gently press back down the silver paper feeder until it locks down.
7. Place the new roll positioned to distribute from the bottom (you should see the back of receipt paper). and insert the paper into the clear green feed slot as far as the slot permits, this will initiate the printer to automatically begin to feed the new roll of paper through paper feed panel.
(*If the paper does not feed up and through, repeat steps 4, 5 & 6, making sure to insert the paper all the way down into the clear green feed slot until it stops.)               
8. You can now re-attach the printer lid and run a sale or test the installment try pressing the feed icon on the tablet