Where to Place Your Signage

Your first step towards building repeat business begins with you aggressively – and consistently – promoting your Offers in all your customer interactions and marketing. Make a three to four month commitment and stick with it.

Here are time-tested, best practices:

At your place of business:

  • Place table tents, posters and counter signs throughout your business as the easiest way to get started. Here are some examples.
  • Keep Groovv Offers open on the POS or counter computer. Then simply ask callers or each in-store patron for their mobile phone and enter it on the spot. What could be easier?
  • Embed your Offers in all your marketing. With a level of pigheadedness the exclusive province of Winston Churchill, get your message on hanging banners outside your store, box/bag stickers, tear sheets, take ones, receipt tape, counter mats, check presenters, your menu, buttons, and business cards.
  • Create some space on your existing New Customer forms by adding a field for the mobile phone number with a checkbox and phrase like this one: “Yes, I would like to join the mobile offers list to receive promotions and announcements.”

On Social Media or Online:

  • Introduce your Offers on your social media profiles by posting requests to join like your Facebook Page or join your Offers Recipient List.
  • Install the Groovv Offers Sign-up Widget to your website’s home page so visitors can sign-up directly from your site.
  • Email If you already conduct email marketing, place our online  or a call-to-action such as “Text <your keyword> to <our short code> to join…”

In your advertising:

  • If you run radio spots or ads in the local newspaper, then your mobile nickname is the perfect way to quickly add customers to your offers list. Just create One, Big Offer with the following call-to-action: “Get <One Big Offer> by texting <your mobile nickname> to 244326 to join to receive our Offers.”

Offsite at events or, well, anywhere:

  • When you’re out and about, it’s a snap to to ask potential or current customers to pull out their phone and text <mobile nickname> to 244326 to join to receive your offers.

Make all of the above even more exciting with a Monthly Sweepstakes:

  • Creating a monthly raffle for a free meal or gift card can significantly increase sign-ups in that month.

Import a list of mobile phone numbers if you already have a list AND you have their explicit permission to send text messages, you may email us a CSV or XLS file and we will gladly import it for you.

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