Barcode Scanner - Assign Barcodes

Once you've completed the Bar Code Scanner Setup, and it is connected to your tablet, you can begin using it to assign barcodes to specific items. To purchase a barcode scanner, call TPG at 866.559.7627.
Follow the easy steps below to assign a “Scan ID” to an Inventory Item in the Back Office.
  1. Log into Back Office and the add the item to you inventory
  2. On the tablet, open the Register's Options Menu by clicking three vertically aligned squares icon in the top right corner
  3. Select Items from the menu list
  4. Select the desired item from the item list on the left                                                                       
  5. Scroll down to and click to edit the Scan ID: text field
  6. Use barcode scanner to scan the items barcode
    1. A successful scan will result in the barcode scanner to vibrate and flash a green light through the LED Status Indicator
    2. After scanning, characters (alpha, numeric and special) will be entered into this field
  7. Select Save
The selected items Scan ID has now been updated in the back office and barcode scanner can be used to scan this item to a ticket.
* If you are creating your own barcodes do not use twelve (12) digit long barcodes which begin with the number two (2.) Groovv Register uses the UPC-A standards, which could lead to strange behavior with your system. Barcodes which begin with the number two (2) follow a very strict system, which when used incorrectly could lead to the mis-sale of items and for a different price than requested.