Barcode Scanner - Setup

To purchase a barcode scanner, call TPG at 866.559.7627. Be sure to request the Sales Department.

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The Groovv Register compatibility list is shown below:
Simple and straightforward design
Quick scanning
Ability to scan on screen barcodes
$335 + tax
Simple and straightforward design
Wide scan zone
$230 + tax
The below instructions outline the steps for the Socket compatible Groovv Register barcode scanners.
Box contains: barcode scanner, two AAA batteries, USB AC Charger with wall adapter and lanyard with pull reel.
To connect a compatible barcode scanner to the Groovv Register app:
  1. Remove all components from box.
  2. Use wall adapter (or a coin) to twist battery cover screw on back of barcode scanner into horizontal position
    1. – (horizontal) = unlocked; | (vertical) = locked
    2. Note: screw cannot be removed
  3. Install the batteries in their correct position
  4. Plug USB connection into wall adapter, if desired, and plug circular end into barcode scanner
    1. Flap to plug in circular end of power cable cannot be opened unless back of barcode scanner screw is in unlocked (horizontal) position
    2. Red = charging; Green = charged
    3. Note: Barcode scanner must be fully charged before first use
    4. Recommendation: Charge nightly
  5. Power on by pressing and holding the small circular button on the top of barcode scanner
    1. Blue flashing light indicates power on
  6. Switch barcode scanner into the proper mode
    1. Scan the barcodes (below) to switch to your barcode scanner into the proper mode
Scan 1                      
Scan 2                      
  1. Switching barcode scanner to discoverable mode
    1. On barcode scanner
      1. Press and hold large, scanning button while simultaneously pressing and holding small, circular power button
      2. Note: You will hear three (3) beeps and device will power off
      3. Turn power back on
  2. After the device is powered on connect it to your tablet via Bluetooth
    1. Turn on Bluetooth
    2. Touch Search for devices
    3. Select your device Socket CHS [######]
    4. The device will be shown under paired devices
  3. Connect the device to the Groovv Register application
    1. Open Groovv Register
    2. Select the Register Options Menu icon                                           
    3. Touch Settings
    4. Touch Devices
    5. Scroll to Barcode Scanner Name                                                               
    6.  Touch button                                                       
    7. Touch drop-down arrow                                                              
    8. Select the barcode scanner Socket CHS[######]
    9. Scroll down and Touch Save
    10. Then touch Test Scanner 
  4. Restart Groovv Register application
    1. The first time connecting the barcode scanner to Groovv Register should restart on its own after selecting Test Scanner
    2. If it does not, manually close the app by selecting the “Recently Used Apps Button” Then swipe Groovv Register away (up or to the right depending on tablet view mode.)
A Bar Code Scanner is a useful tool for quick ticket item entry for stores of all sizes and purposes.