Kitchen Printer Setup - Star

Kitchen Devices are used to speed up the restaurant experience not only for a customer, but also for a server. By having tickets be automatically sent to the kitchen, the server is able to go from table to table without running into the kitchen to drop off orders.
To purchase a Kitchen Printer, call TPG at 866.559.7627
* Kitchen Printer Paper is not supplied by Groovv.
Ethernet – Auto Cutter
$275 + tax
$265 + tax
The below instructions outline the steps for the Star compatible Groovv Register kitchen printers.
To install the Kitchen Printer:
Box contains: Star SP700 Printer, power cable, paper roll, ink ribbon, and installation disc.
  1. Remove all components from box.
  2. Install ink ribbon
    1. Open back of printer using the lift lever locate on top of the printer.
    2. Open front of printer by pulling upward on groove on outside of printer
    3. Twist ink ribbon knob until tight
    4. Place ribbon between front metal piece and cutter
    5. Ribbon twist knob will be placed in front of metal piece with knob on the right hand side.
    6. Note: you should feel/hear the ribbon snap into place
    7. Twist ink ribbon knob until tight
    8. Close front of printer
  3. Install paper
    1. Drop paper into slot
    2. Pull paper from bottom of roll
    3. Hold paper above cutter
    4. Close back of printer
    5. Note: printer will make noise
  4. Connect Ethernet cable form Router port to back of Printer
  5. Power on Printer
  6. Check IP parameters of the Printer
    1. Power on printer while holding the feed button
    2. After power is on release feed button after approximately three (3) seconds
    3. Wait for entire sequence to finish
      1. Should be two cycles of printing
      2. If need be, press the feed button to ensure the end of status checkup has finished
    4. IP parameters will be printed at the bottom of the receipt
    5. Should read (00-99) or (00-99)
  7. Change IP Address of Printer
    1. Open web browser and type in IP address found at bottom of receipt
    2. Login to web portal
      1. Username: root
      2. Password: public  
    3. In web portal select IP Parameters
    4. Select Static… option
    5. Insert IP Address. Use the appropriate option below depending upon what printer form the receipt earlier. Only change the final number.
    6. Enter into Subnet Mask
    7. Enter into Default Gateway
    8. Click OK
    9. Select Save from tabs on the left hand side of webpage 
    10. Click Execute