Kitchen Printer - Printing Orders

To purchase a Kitchen Printer, call TPG at 866.559.7627
* Kitchen Printer Paper is not supplied by Groovv
Once a Kitchen Printer has been created in the back office and activated, the Groovv Kitchen Printer Service will be enabled to run on the assigned Print Server Register. The Groovv Kitchen Printer Service logo (shown below) will be displayed in the top left Notification Drawer.
Please note, kitchen printers can only be used with items that are fired. In order to fire an item, tables must be used.
Using the Kitchen Printer from the Tablet:
1. Seat a table
2. Add items to the table ticket
3. Select the items to be fired by highlighting them, then selecting the Fire Button  
4. Those items will then be sent to a Kitchen Printer
a.   indicates a Kitchen Printer in good standing
b.     indicates a Kitchen Printer in bad standing
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