Barcode Scanners with your Back Office

A barcode scanner can also be used from a Bluetooth capable PC to add Scan ID’s directly to the back office.  To purchase a barcode scanner, call TPG at 866.559.7627.

  1. Switch barcode scanner to discoverable mode
    1. On barcode scanner
i. Press and hold large, scanning button while simultaneously pressing and holding small, circular power button
ii. Note: You will hear three (3) beeps and device will power off
iii. Turn power back on
  1. After the device is powered on connect it to your PC via Bluetooth
    1. Select the Windows button (using Windows 7
    2. Search programs and files for Add a Bluetooth Device. This can be found by typing Bluetooth into the text field
    3. Select your device Socket CHS [######]
  2. Download and connect barcode scanner to Socket Scan 10 program
    1. Click Here or go to
    2. Download the Windows version of the program
    3. Within pop up select three (3) checkboxes followed by OK:
i.Port COM4
ii. Use keyboard wedge
iii. Show keyboard wedge icon in task tray
  1. Within task tray right click Socket Scan 10
i.Select Socket EZ Pair
ii. Select Bluetooth                                        
iii. Select your device Socket CHS [######] 
iv.Select OK
  1. Adding barcodes to the back office
    1. Log into your Back Office
    2. Click on Inventory from the top navigation tabs
    3. Select Inventory Items from the Inventory Menu
    4. Select the desired item or create a new item
    5. Select the text field next to Scan ID (shown below)
    6. Use barcode scanner to scan barcode and text will populate this field
    7. Select Update at bottom of item page
  2. Synchronize your tablet to the back office then you will be able to scan the entered barcodes from your register
*If you ever receive this error below while scanning, you've scanned that items code to an item in the Back Office already: