Transaction Entry - Swipe

Below are instructions for processing a credit/debit card by swiping the card.
1. Key in the sale amount and touch the desired department, or select any pre-defined item to add it to the transaction.
2. Select the Pay button
3. Touch Credit Card button 
4. Wait for the screen to display “Please swipe card,” then smoothly swipe the card                                                                                                        
5. If using the audio jack card reader swipe the credit card magnetic stripe down and facing the thick portion of the swiper
    If using the micro USB card reader swipe the credit card magnetic stripe down and facing the thin portion of the swiper
6. An “Authorizing…” window will appear, and if the transaction is successful, the customer will be returned to the sales screen
Problem when attempting to swipe cards?
1. Ensure there is not a protective cover on the phone. – (Protective covers will not allow the swiper to plug in all the way.)
2. Check to see the customer does not have the speakerphone feature on. – (The audio must travel to the swiper. The Customer can also try turning Bluetooth off to ensure the swiper is receiving the audio. This can be done through the connection settings on your device.)
3. Ensure the device did not enter Sleep Mode
Can I process credit card transactions offline?
No, you must be connected to a functioning internet connection in order to process credit card transactions within your Groovv Register.
Should you have any issues please contact the Groovv Support Team at (855) 839-7277.