Transaction Entry - Manual

Below are instructions for processing a credit/debit card by keying in the card number manually.
1. Key in the sale amount and touch the desired department, or select any pre-defined item to add it to the transaction.
2. Select the Pay button
3. Touch Credit Card button 
4. Touch Enter Manual
(A new pop up window will appear)
5. Enter the credit card number, expiration month, expiration year, and CVV (security code)
  • Full credit Card Number
  • Exp. Month and Year
  • CVV Code (3 digit security code on the back of the card)
  • Name (applicable to Restaurant users only)
6. Touch Process again
*Note: Remember that keyed-in transactions generally have higher fees than swiped transactions
Should you have any issues please contact the Groovv Support Team at (855) 839-7277.