Back Office Navigation Tabs

The Back Office is where you can look up your sales and inventory reports, edit your customer database, keep your inventory up-to-date, manage your devices, and, most importantly, download the Groovv Register app.

When you log in, you will see the navigation bar at the top of the site, which looks like this:

There are (4) tabs near the top right(Transactions, and Offers) which will direct you to accessing pages hosted separate from the back office.
The (6) tabs in the section below the Groovv logo, are specific to functions within the Back Office, Register. Their names are Home, Reports, Inventory, Business, Employees and Devices.
Listed below are basic descriptions for each section:
Home: Displays a dashboard containing details on your Register's daily, weekly and department sales totals.
Inventory:: This tab leads you to the Inventory Menu where you go to make changes to your business Departments, Items and Inventory quantities.
Employees: This tab leads you to the Employees Menu, which allows you to view your total number of transactions, as well as, your transaction detail, transaction journal, sales reports, inventory sales, item data, and customer sales detail.
Business: This tab leads you to the Business Menu is where you will do any editing that you have. Customers, taxes, system data, and tables can all be edited from this tab.
Reports: This tab leads you to the Reports Menu where you will create, edit and deactivate your clerks/servers.
Devices: This tab leads you to the Devices Menu to manage your devices, view the status of your devices, and send batch synchronize messages.
Account MenuThis drop-down arrow contains many miscellaneous back office operations such as: account settings, completeing a password change, downloading the Groovv application, links to help and support, contact info, what's new in the latest update and logging out of the back office.
Groovv Offers: Formerly known as Fanminder, Groovv Offers was re-branded to add familiarity with our products and services. Groovv Offers is an easy-to-use mobile and social marketing tool that increases traffic and drives repeat sales. Groovv Offers’ web-based interface takes the guesswork out of marketing. There are hundreds of offers and themes to pick from. Customize an offer in just a few minutes, then send it to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, email, text message and even your own website—all with a single click.
Groovv Transactions (Coming Soon!): On this page, Groovv merchants can excess the Groovv transaction portal, where there are  details and reporting available surrounding all of their Groovv account’s credit card transactions and deposits. Now company administrators can easily access key information, so you can grow and manage your business better than ever.