Reports - Sales Report

From this page (shown below), you will be able to view all of your different sales reports. These reports include department sales, tender totals, and item sales. This page shows your reports in tables, and also shows the department sales and item sales in pie charts.
To get to Sales Report:
1. Login into your Back Office
2. Click on Reports from the top navigation tabs
3. Select Sales Report from the Reports Menu
You can edit the start date and end date to run a report for a day, a week, a month or even a year. The date can be edited by selecting the  arrows to filter from day to day. By selecting these arrows the transaction date will shift one day to the left or right, dependent upon which arrow is selected, by one day. The page will also automatically refresh. If you are seeking a date that would be inconvenient to filter one day at a time from the left to the right simply select the date.
This report can be filtered by Device and Clerk.
The Device(s) list displays all devices which are enabled to use your back office account. 
The Clerk(s)/Server(s) list displays all clerks/servers who can currently login into a device using their PIN. Clerk/Server reports can be run as consolidated, or individual, which will run the sales report multiple times being broken down by clerk/server, but only shows the Department Sales and Tender Totals.
The individual options allows you to run a sales report for every clerk/server who ran a transaction over the specified time range.
The sales report also allow several other miscellaneous reporting needs described below.
Show zero line items will show all department in Department Sales, all tender options in Tender Totals and all inventory items in Item Sales.
Show selected totals with individuals will show the selected clerks/servers Department Sales and Tender Totals combined at the bottom of the report. To make this option work as described click to clear the All check box, select the individual option under clerks and select the desired clerks/servers. 
Show consolidated after individuals will merge the sales of all clerks/servers after displaying the individual breakdowns as discussed above. To make this option selectable click to clear the All check box and select the individual option under clerks.
Show item totals after individuals, can only be selected if the Clerk: individual option is selected, will show item sales for all clerks/servers. To make this option selectable click to clear the All check box and select the individual option under clerks. 
If you edit the report parameters and would life this to be the default settings whenever the Sales Report is loaded through the back office click . Save allows for the reports to become defaulted to the search criteria as entered. 
The original default sales report settings are shown in the image above.
Once you have adjusted the search settings to your specific needs, click  to view the report using your needed search criteria.