Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are several commonly asked questions, along with their answer:
How do I get started?
Sign up as a new user using the [Create Account] link on the top of the page.
After you subscribe, you will be able to have the new Groovv Cloud app sent to you by clicking the "Download App" menu.
You will use the User Name and Password you set up here as the login from the new Groovv Register app as well as being used for login to the web site.
Where is my data kept? Is it safe?
Your server based data is stored on an Amazon cloud based server.  Amazon cloud services are highly available and scalable cloud database service.
Passwords and other sensitive data is encrypted so it remains secret.
Data transferred between the cash register app and the back office is sent using SSL (https), so no one can see your private information.
All corresponding financial information is processed by Total Merchant Services. Groovv does not have access to any of your financial information. No sensitive credit card information is stored in the POS app.
What kind of printers can I use?
The Groovv apps can use almost any network connected or Bluetooth connected printers.
Please see our Printers Help page for more information.
What kind of credit card processing can I use?
Total Merchant Services
Call Total Merchant Services at 855-839-7277 to start accepting credit card transactions with Groovv today!  Increase your sales by accepting credit cards with the affordable payment services company trusted by more than 100,000 happy merchants!
How do I use my data from the Groovv Lite version?
The Groovv subscription system uses a new Android app that you will download from the web site.
The new app can only convert the database from the latest "Lite" version, so you want to be sure you are on latest version of the Groovv Lite.
The new app uses a backup of the database, so be sure to back up your data in the Lite version before restoring your data...
To Restore your data from the Groovv Lite app, run the Groovv Retail/Restaurant app you downloaded, then from the Settings->Database screen press the [Restore 'Lite' DB] button. This will restore the data that you backed up previously.
Can I manage my inventory quantities in pounds?          
Yes, there is an option under preferences in maintenance.
Is it possible to connect a printer?          
As long as your printer is Ethernet, WiFi or blue tooth it will work.
Can Groovv Register sync with other POS systems?   
No, it only links to the BackOffice
Why has not my database synced upon restore?
Go to Maintenance->Settings->Database. Then press the [Run
How do I add my company's name to our receipt header?          
Edit the header of the Email receipt in the Maintenance->Settings->Receipt, towards the bottom on the screen
How many inventory items can the app store?
Groovv cloud versions support unlimited items
Why was not the downloadable application attachment not included in the email I received?   
Please use a Gmail account for downloading our Groovv application.
Why have not my items synced from BackOffice?             
Make sure you have the Settings "Automatically Synchronize Data?" checked.
Is GoPayment compatible w/ Groovv Register?               
No, it is not compatible
Is the app available in other languages?              
No app translation at this time
Can Groovv data be exported into bookkeeping software?
The file extension is .csv which is common for most software programs. (I.E.: Intuit QuickBooks desktop versions)
How do I delete an item from my company database? 
You cannot delete items that have been entered. This is a function to prevent theft in the work area.
How do I re-download Cloud App; it is not in Google Play store?             
Log into the Back Office, and click the Download menu.
What do I do if my cash drawer is not opening?               
You can enter the codes on the Devices tab in the Settings, under the "Drawer Code".
Replace the text that is in the box with: 27,112,0,100,250
Is Groovv compatible w/ Apple products?          
Groovv is currently only supported on Android devices.
Will an already owned Bluetooth printer work with Groovv Register?  
In most instances, if you can successfully pair it with your Android device, it will work, however we will have very limited support available for adding a provide attained from any 3rd party.