Troubleshooting - Kitchen Printer (Star)

Has the kitchen printer been set up?

1. Setup kitchen printer using instructions.
2. Are you able to load the installation page?
i. If you have an Bixolon receipt printer =
ii. If you have an AZT receipt printer =
iii. If IP address does not read as above you are NOT connected to the Groovv router
b. If page does not load check connection from Groovv router to the kitchen printer. Should be as shown below.​
c. What WiFi are you conected to?
MUST be connected to Conn3ct network or the printer will not appear.
d. Are lights on back of printer and router where Ethernet cable connects flashing or solid on?
If not have user try using a different Ethernet cable. After verifying a working Ethernet cable, if lights continue to not flash the printer or router may not have power.
3. Why does nothing happen after firing an item?
a. What WiFi are you connected to? MUST be connected to Conn3ct network or the printer will not print
b. Has a Kitchen Device been created? If not click here
c. Has the Printer Server Register been assignedIf not click here
i. The Groovv Kitchen Printer Service logo (shown below) will be displayed in the top left Notification Drawer on the tablet.
ii. Please note, kitchen printers can only be used with items that are fired. In order to fire an item, tables must be used.
d. Have the desired departments been set up to fire?
i. At the Department level, ensure that the corresponding Kitchen Device(s) and that the Use Fire Button checkboxes are selected.

What error code are you receiving?

1. What color is the printer image in the Groovv Register app?
a.   indicates a Kitchen Printer in good standing
b.     indicates a Kitchen Printer in bad standing
i. After selecting the red printer, what does the error description read
ii. The IP address in the error description should read the same as the Kitchen Printer in the back office and as prints in the IP parameters receipt.
2. If all things match, check tablet Wi-Fi connection.
a. MUST be connected to Conn3ct network in order for kitchen printer to work.
3. If all things DO NOT match, you will need to clear the errors by reconfiguring the router to the red boxes IP address (escalate)
3. After resolving the issue touch the  button to clear the backed up queue.
a. Printer should then print all fired items that existed under the error description.
b. The printer image will now be blue when brought back to the Groovv Register home screen.
4. After a few minutes if the printer image change to red again there is a new issue to be addressed or the previous issue was not resolved.
Contact the Groovv Support Team if you have any further issues
* Kitchen Printer Paper is not supplied by Groovv.