Reports - Customer Sales Detail Functions

To perform a search, click on a text box associated with the search information and enter what you would like to search for. When you have finished entering your search information, click the Search button.
tKz8dTU.jpg (883×114)
Once you have done this, your Customer Sales Detail report will appear under Search and should resemble the picture shown below.
TyGMxnO.jpg (765×283)
Once you have done this, you will use the Next > and >> buttons to navigate the pages of customers until you find the customer you are searching for. Selecting the Next > button allows you to skip to the next five customers in the database, while selecting the >> button will bring you to the final page of your customer database. Once you find the desired customer, click the Select button to the left of the customers ID. This will lead to the section under Customer Transactions to be populated with a list of all transactions run under the specified customers profile. To track these transactions properly be sure to select a customer before ringing up a transaction.
To view the transaction detail for a particular transaction, click the Select button next to the Transaction # that you would like to view. Once you do this, the transaction detail will appear to the right of the Customer Transactions section under Transaction Detail, as shown below.
27BpweR.jpg (838×312)
From here, you will be able to view the transaction detail and email a receipt to the customer. The email address that is saved in the customer database will automatically be in the text box. If it is not, or you would like to email the receipt to a different email address, click on the text box and type the new address. After doing this, click the Email Receipt button.