Register Keys - Create

From this page (shown below), you will be able to create, view and edit your register keys. On your device, this layout will be called the Item Grid.
To navigate here:
1. Log into the Back Office
2. Click Devices from the top navigation tabs
3. Select Register Keys from the Devices Menu
The Groovv Register Item Grid can consist of Department, Item and System Keys. 
        Department Keys - Consist of a list of all available Departments to be assigned to a key. These keys allow you to view all items created within the Department Key.
        Item Keys - Consist of a list of all available Inventory Items to be assigned to a key
        System Keys - The Text Key allows you to add text after a sale e.g. Fragile.
The Register Keys grid is a 20 X 3 grid, which allows you to slide horizontally from one 4 X 3 pane to the next. Although you are limited to 60 keys, your inventory of items and departments is limitless.
Also, you can set a Department Key to lead you to the Departments entire list of Inventory Items. To view items by Department, one must have a Register Key already setup to represent that department on the Item Grid.
To create Register Keys buttons:
1. Log into the Back Office
2. From the top navigation tabs, click Devices
3. From the Devices Menu on the left, choose Register Keys
4. Click the Select Layout drop-down arrow then select the layout you wish to manage
5. Click any blank key where you want to place your new Register Key
6. Click the Button Types drop-down arrow and select the desired option
    a. System – allows you to create the Text key
    b. Departments – lists all of your already created Departments
    c. Items – lists all of your already created Inventory Items
7. Click the Available Keys drop-down arrow and select the desired key from the available options
Note: Only items not already defined on the keyboard are on the list. If you would like to move a Register Key to a new location it must first be cleared. Also, if a short description is provided, this is what the object will be listed as.
8. Click Set Key
9. Click the Devices… button; select the device name(s) that you are sending the layout to
10. Click Save
11. Click the Send to Register button to push the layout to the selected device(s)
* Deleted items can be placed as Register Keys. A blue square titled Item Description will occupy the space. Please avoid from assigning deleted items as Register Keys