Devices - Registers

This page allows you to manage your devices, view their status, and synchronize recent changes made in the back office.
To get to Registers:
1. Log into your Back Office
2. Click on Devices from the top navigation tabs
At top of the page, you will notice that the number of devices allowed on your subscription is listed. Beneath that heading, you will find a link to the Subscriptions page to purchase additional devices as your business grows.
Also listed on this page are the different statuses that are shown with your device. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the different status names and descriptions.
Towards the bottom of the page, you will see the devices list. This is where your device(s) will be shown, once you have logged into the Cash Register app with your username and password. The following is a larger image of this list.
Device Name: This is the designated name given to your device, which is usually the model number of the device. By selecting the text box you can personalize the Device Name. This can only be done from the back office.
Status: This column shows the current status of your device. A list of statuses and descriptions can be found at the top of the web page.
Last Login: Displays the last date and time that your device was logged in to the Cash Register app. Date and time will be displayed in the time zone chosen under the Maintenance tab.
Reg. Date/Time: Displays the last date and time a login was initiated according to the tablet settings
Last Trans: Displays the last date and time that your device performed a transaction in the Cash
Register app. Date and time will be displayed in the time zone chosen under the Maintenance tab.
App Ver.: Displays which version of the Cash Register app that your device is currently using.
Trans.I Add: Includes an editable text box for each device that allows you to edit what number your device's transactions start with. 
*In the final column for every device, there is a button labeled ‘Disable’ this button is only to be used to remove a device from your subscription. A new device ID might be created when reinstalling the Cash Register app. In this case, use the "Disable" button to remove the old device ID. This button can also be used, if a new device is purchased,    to remove the old device to replace it with the new one.
Sending Batch Synchronization Messages
Located to the right of the devices list, there are six (6) buttons labeled 'System’, ‘Items’, 'Customers’ and 'Clerks’, ‘Departments’ and ‘Keys’.  These buttons can be used to send a message to all of your devices that will synchronize the information in the category stated on the button.
Exporting the Device List
Located above the device list on the right side, there is a small icon that will allow you to export your full device list as a .csv file. This file format can be read by most spreadsheet-building programs, like Microsoft Excel. The icon used to perform this function is shown below.