Reports - Item Data Functions

Once you have entered your search criteria using the Departments drop-down arrow, click the Search button and your Item Data report will appear under the header, ltem Data Report. Your screen should resemble something similar to the picture shown below.
The first four (4) columns (Item ID, Description, Short Description and Department) can be clicked on to organize the report alphabetically or chronologically.
As you will notice, the report is split into eleven (11) columns. This report is available as an easy way to view your inventory in its entirety. This report can also be exported, if you would like to keep a physical copy on hand or be able to view your inventory while offline.
Item ID: Shows the Item ID number assigned to the item
Description: Shows the description of the item
Short Desc.: Shows the short description of the item
Department: Shows the department for which the item belongs
Scan ID: Shows the Scan ID of the item
Tax Flags: Shows the tax check-box(es), which are selected for the specific item
Cost: Shows the cost of the listed Item to you
Price: Shows the cost of the listed Item to a customer
Margin: Shows the profit margin of your items as a whole number (95% = 95.00) and is calculated by price minus cost divided by price. 
Q.O.H.: Shows the current Quantity on Hand (Q.O.H.) of the listed item
Inv. Cost: Shows the total cost of your inventory by multiplying Q.O.H. by Cost
Exporting the Inventory Sales
Located above the Item Data report, on the right side of the page, there is a small icon that will allow you to export your full Item Data report as a .csv file. This file format can be read by most spreadsheet-building programs, like Microsoft Excel.