Reports - Transaction Detail Functions

Once you have adjusted your view settings (if applicable), all of the tickets that fall under those settings will show in a table below the Submit button.
The transaction list is split into three (3) separate columns.
##: Displays the transaction number for the receipt.
Date/Time: Shows the date and time that the transaction was completed.
Devices: Shows the user-defined name or Register # of the device on which the transaction took place.
To view a receipt, click the transaction number for the receipt that you would like to view. Doing this will cause the receipt to be shown to the right of the transaction list under the blue header with the title Receipt: This header is shown below with a receipt underneath after a transaction has been selected.
On some receipts, there will be certain letters that appear in red. These letters, called Receipt Status Values, and their meanings can be found below, or from the back office by hovering your mouse over the [?] at the right edge of the Receipt header.
As stated in the Transaction Detail overview the ability to void and return a credit card transaction resides in this reporting section. These options will not appear for non Credit Card transactions.
A Credit Card Void can only be used the same day as the sale. This will prevent you from being charged a processing fee since there is no monetary exchange yet. To complete a void simply click the Credit Card Void button. If you attempt to void a sale the next day or any day in the future you will be met with the below error message. 
A Credit Card Return can be completed at any time after a sale. However, you will be charged a processing fee since money has process through various accounts. Processing a return same day will lead to a double charge. To prevent a double charge remember to void a sale when it was refunded same day. To complete a return simply click the Credit Card Return button.
The below error message infers that the Void or Return has already been processed.