Reports - Inventory Sales Functions

This report is split into eight (8) different columns. These columns are Item ID, Description, Scan Code, Sales Qty., Sales Amount, Cost, Current Qty. and Profit. 
Item ID, Description, Sales Qty. and Sales Amount can be clicked on to organize the report alphabetically or chronologically.
Item ID: Shows the Item ID number assigned to the item
Description: Shows the description of the item
Scan Code: Shows the Scan ID of the item
Sales Qty.: Shows how many of the listed Item was sold during the provided time range.
Sales Amount: Shows the total dollar amount sold for the listed item during the provided time range.
Cost: Shows the cost of the listed Item.
Current Qty.: Shows the current Quantity on Hand (Q.O.H.) of the listed item.
Profit: Shows the amount of profit from item sales during the provided time range
Exporting the Inventory Sales Report
Located above the Inventory Sales report, on the right side of the page, there is a small icon that will allow you to export your full Inventory Sales report as a .csv file. This file format can be read by most spreadsheet-building programs, like Microsoft Excel.