Business - System Data (Restaurant)

On this page, you can edit your preferences, however you'd like to mold your Groovv Register to suit your needs.
To get to System Data:
1. Log into your Back Office
2. Click on Business from the top navigation tabs 
Restaurant users may want register settings such as require Servers to log in to use the register, enable Tips acceptance at the end of sales, and more.
A detailed definition list for all of the term on the system data page can be found below:
Time Zone - This function allows you to change the time zone that will appear in the Groovv Register app.
End of Day Start Time - his function allows you to set the time at which the sales totals will automatically reset for each day.
Require Server Login - This function allows you to require a server to be logged in to start a transaction. Automatically Logoff at the
Automatically Log Off at End of Transaction - This function will automatically log of the server after each transaction.
Automatically Synchronize Data - This function will allow your device to automatically synchronize data between the register app and the Back Office.
Use Decimal Quantity - This function allows quantities to show with a two (2) decimal places.
Show Price if Item Price is Zero - This function allows the price of zero--priced items to be shown.
Always Print Receipt - This function causes a receipt to be printed at the end of every sale. If not selected, you will need to touch the Reprint button to print a receipt.
Only open cash drawer if cash or change - If checked, the cash drawer will only open for cash transaction
Print tip line - A tip line will always be printed at the end of every sale (including cash.) This option is not needed for restaurant instance users, as using a table will always print the tip line regardless of this option being selected.
Use signature capture - A signature capture screen will be displayed after credit card sales for a customer to use their finger as the signature pen.
Require Manager Override - This function allows you to require a manager to be logged in to complete a: 
Void Transaction
No Sale
Dept. List Sort Order - This function sets the order that the items are displayed within a department on the register app.
Table Icon Size - This function will adjust the size of the tables on your devices Table Screen
Item Key Text Format - This function will allow you to select the data that appears on the Department keys on the register app.
Point of Sale Limits:
Maximum Quantity Limit function sets the maximum quantity that can be entered using the Quantity button on the register app.
Maximum Over Tender Limit function sets the maximum amount of change that can be rung into the register app.
Force Credit Card Receipt Amount function sets the amount that if reached or exceeded, will for a receipt to be printed when tendering with a credit card.
Require Table to Start Transaction - This function allows you to require the server to open a table before a transaction can be started.
Require Seat Selection - This function will require you to select a seat for each item that is entered, making it easier to split tickets by guest.
Use QSR Mode - If checked, items can be rung up without selecting a table. When tendered the table will automatically close.
Use Counter Tipping option - If checked, tips can be added to a credit card at the end of a sale
Prompt for Cash Drawer - This function will require a clerk to select which cash drawer to use after logging in.(Require Clerk Login must be enabled for this feature.)
Company Name/Email Subject - In this text box, you will enter the company name or other text that will be used as the email subject line for emailed receipts.
Email Receipt 'Reply To' Address - This sets the Reply To and From address for emailed receipts.
Definable Tender Keys - These text boxes can be used to assign custom names to the three (3) definable tender keys that can be found on the register app. 
Log On page Image - In this text box, you can enter the URL for the image that will be used on the Clerk/Server log in page. This image must be hosted on a website or stored on a website such as Flickr, Photobucket or lmageShack.
After editing the Groovv Register System Data to the need of your business select the  button