Enable Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Mode

Do you normally use tables, but sometimes need to ring up sales in a hurry? 

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) option allows you to place and take payment for an order without having to select a table first. This is perfect for take-out and delivery. 
To use this feature:
  1. Log in to the Back Office
  2. Click Business from the top navigation tabs.
  3. Select System Data from the Business Menu on the left
  4. Click the  button
  5. Type QSR in the Table Name field
  6. Type 1 as the # of covers
  7. Select Use Global Consecutive Numbering for Table Option
  8. Click the  button
  9. Click System Data from Business Menu
  10. Scroll down to find the option checkbox for Use QSR Mode? and select the checkboxhttp://i.imgur.com/njXtZQg.jpg
  11. Click the  in the top right corner of the screen.
*QSR Mode enabled without counter tipping will disable the ability to accept tips on those specific orders. It is recommended to enable both QSR Mode and counter tipping.