Tables - Create

To create a Table:
1. Log into the Back Office
2. From the top navigation tabs, click Business
3. From the Business Menu on the left, choose Tables
4. Click the  Button
5. The ID field is auto assigned based on the order in which servers are created
6. Enter the desired Table Name
7. Enter the desired numerical value for # Of Covers. This field sets the standard for the number of guests allowed to sit at the selected table. However, the specific number of guests can be set in the Groovv Register app when a table is seated in case of moving tables together.
8. Select the desired option for Table Options. This field relates to the name given to the tables after it has been seated.
  • None – gives you the option to name the table or not
  • Prompt for Table Name – server will be prompted to name the table split before they may continue serving guests                                                                                             
  • Use Global Consecutive Table Numbering – Guest Name will be auto assigned and the numerical value will continue to rise as noted by the Ticket number
9. After you have created the table with the needed preferences, click the  button