Business - Taxes

Taxes are paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. Usually laws allow (or require) the seller to collect funds for the tax from the customer at the point of sale. It is recommended to contact your county/state officials to ensure you have the correct tax for all goods and services sold at your location.
To get to Taxes:
1. Log into your Back Office
2. Click on Business from the top navigation tabs 
3. Select Taxes from the Business Menu
Groovv Register gives you the freedom to input up to four (4) tax rates. Many counties and states use one sales tax, which is applicable to all items being sold. The reason four (4) tax rates are given is to account for the large amount of states, which have state and local taxes, tax dining in but not take out, taxes for different types of items (clothing, baked goods, fresh produce etc.) etc.
Tax rates can only be entered as numerical values not percentages (10% = 0.10) If a tax percentage is entered the page will not save the entered value. Tax rates must range between 0.00 and 1.00.
After entering the necessary tax rate(s) click  .
If you are unaware of the taxes for certain goods in your area we recommend contacting the county to get the most accurate numbers. You may also use the link below.
* The link above may not be accurate. Groovv Regsiter does not condone the use of incorrect tax amounts on goods being sold in your store/restaurant.