Register Options Menu - Reports

The Reports Tab displays the Current Totals and History of all Sales.
To get here:
1. Select the Register Options Menu icon     
2. Select Cloud from the Register Options Menu
The system keeps 2 sets to totals that are named Shift and Daily.
Each sale ran throughout the day will add to the current Shift and Daily totals. This will continue on your register until  you choose to zero out these totals. 
Daily totals are usually zeroed at the end of each day. While Shift totals are usually zeroed at the end of every Clerks shift, to enable you to keep track of their cash drawer totals.
You can also set your register to automatically zero out your Daily totals at the time of your choice in Preferences
The sales data can also be displayed on the back office reports menu, in Sales Reports.
Report Type - This drop-down arrow allows to choose between the four (4) sets of reports broken down into two (2) connected names, Shift and Daily. Totals are current period-to-date, and need to be zeroed for every period. History is Total data that was zeroed previously.
Zero - Not checked = just display a report of the totals, Checked = Zero the totals and add them to History for the period displayed in the Report Type
Export - Saves the data in a .csv file.
Email - Emails the report. This will open the email client screen and allow you to enter an email address to send the report to.
Print - If you have a receipt printer defined, checking this will print the report to the receipt printer.