Register Options Menu - Items

This screen allows inventory items to be edited, as Items can ONLY be created in the back office. 
To get here:
1. Select the Register Options Menu icon     
2. Select Items from the Register Options Menu
When items are added or changed in the back office, the data will be synchronized to all devices. If an item is changed on a register device, that change will be synchronized to the back office.
Full Description - This will be displayed on receipts and in reports.
Short Description - This will be displayed on the keyboard button. This should be the modifier of the item, i.e.: Large, Medium, Single, Double, etc.
Department - This is the department the sales will be added to.
Price - This is the single item price.
Tax - This represent the tax rate that will be applied to this item.
  • Taxable (1-4) = Tax is not included in the price and will be added at the end of the sale.
  • Taxable-Inclusive (1-4) = Tax is already included in the price and will be backed out when the item is sold. Tax will be added at the end of the sale.
  • Nothing checked = Item is not taxed.
  • *Note: You cannot have Tax 1-4 checked off in combination with Incl. Tax 1-4.  Having it checked off this way will cause the system to only calculate Incl. Tax 1-4
Active - If not checked, this item will not show on the Keyboard define Available Keys list for Item. This is similar to deleting an item.
Image -  Image for the button on the register keyboard. Press the Find... button to search the device for the image you want. Similarly, select Clear to remove an image and resort the icon to its default setting.
Scan ID / PLU - This is the ID to use to lookup the item when scanning. If manually entering the number, be sure to add the preamble and check-sum numbers at the beginning and end. If a Bluetooth barcode scanner is defined, you can scan while on this field. The scan data will only be entered in this Scan ID field.
Save button - Press this to save the item to the database.