Register Options Menu - Settings

From this page you are able to apply some device and some account specific preferences, add/edit your peripheral devices of hardware, edit receipt information, change your taxes and make some database changes.
To get here:
1. Select the Register Options Menu icon     
2. Select Settings from the Register Options Menu
Broken down into four (4) tabs Settings allows you to edit:
Preferences - allows you to make the changes to personalize your Groovv Register to the necessary setup you would like for your store
Devices - serves as the home for storing all of your peripheral devices settings and ensures connections are remained even when the application is not being used or the devices are not needed. From here you are also able edit Receipt Data
TaxesInput the tax(es) of your county or state based upon the most recent updates as available
Database - View, update, import and export various features of your Groovv Register to ensure everything is maintained and up to date