Settings - Preferences

On this page, you can edit your preferences, however you'd like to mold your Groovv Register to suit your needs.
To get here:
1. Select the  Register Options Menu icon     
2. Select Settings from the Register Options Menu
Require Clerk Login - Selecting this checkbox would require your clerks/servers to log in using there assigned, through the back office, PIN before a sale could begin
Use Decimal Quantity? - Selecting this checkbox allows you to sell items such as weighted things for the exact price per pound. A butcher would not want to sell only whole pounds of meat. They need to be able to sell quarter and half pounds, yet only create one item to accomodate for weights ranging between the maximum quantity allowed, if set in System Data
Lock screen in... - The options for the lock screen are Landscape [Wide] and Landscape [Tall]. Only one option may be selected. By default the screen comes locked in Landscape [Wide] mode. This can be edited at any time.
Automatically Zero Totals - Selecting this checkbox will zero out your register at the specified time below. Zeroing out the register will clear all sales from the registers reports. This does not mean that the transactions run the previous day are lost by any means. This checkbox emptys the reports each day so that when checked you will see todays sales 
* Note: By default this is NOT selected.
End of Day Zero Before Time - This is the time at which the device will zero the daily totals in the reports. This time slot will not do anything unless the Automatically Zero Totals checkbox is selected. The time drop-down arrow is shown in Military Time and feeds off the shown tablet/register time. 
Register Name - Displays the register name. This can only be changed form the Registers screen in the back office.