Troubleshooting - Receipt Printer (AZT Printer)

Printer Troubleshooting (AZT)

1. Is printer power cord plugged into wall? Is power cord plugged into back of printer?
a. If not plug both in.
2. Is power toggle on front of printer switched to on? 
a. If not switch to on, blue power light should turn on and printer should beep once.
3. Is the blue power light on?
a. If not, switch power toggle on front of device to on.
b. If printer still unresponsive, move printer to a known working outlet, repeat previous troubleshooting steps.
4. Is the printer beeping?
a. If yes, use blue “pull” lever to open paper storage and check paper status. 
b. Add and feed paper if empty.
c. Paper storage may not have closed completely. Reopen paper storage and close with more force

Tablet troubleshooting

On Tablet, test internet capability
1. From home screen select Settings 
a. On WiFi, ensure WiFi is enabled and tablet is connected to the Groovv supplied router SSID
b. Printer will only work when connected to this Wi-Fi network
c. Password should be saved into the tablet already. Advised to never forget the network
2. Open browser, attempt to load any page
a. If not working, ensure Ethernet from wall is plugged into yellow Internet port on the router

In App troubleshooting

In Groovv Application, touch Register Options Menu  > Settings > Devices
1. Does Receipt Printer Model read AZT Printers All?
a. If not select AZT Printers All from drop-down arrow
b. This should auto populate Drawer Code and Cutter Code
2. Does Receipt printer IP Address read
a. If not enter the above IP address into the field
b. Scroll to bottom of screen, touch Save
c. Touch Test Printer
3. Does Cutter Code read 27,105,27,112,0?
a. If not enter the above code
b. Scroll to bottom of screen, select Save
Should you have any issues please contact the Groovv Support Team at (855) 839-7277.