Troubleshooting - Cash Drawer (One)

Troubleshooting the cash drawer

1. Does the All in One have power?
a. If not, plug in power cable to back of device and known functioning outlet
and switch power toggle, on the front of device, to on.
b. Does the cash drawer open at all?
2. Is cash drawer telephone cord plugged into the printer?
a. If not, plug cord into back of device. (On One Register, connection closest to power plug in the back)
3. Does device open?
a. If not, use key to open cash drawer
b. If key does not work to open cash, use switch underneath cash drawer while leaning it forward to open cash drawer

In application troubleshooting

In Groovv Application, touch Register Options Menu  > Settings > Devices
1. Scroll down and ensure Send Drawer Open Command checkbox is selected
a. Scroll to bottom, select Save
b. Run test transaction
c. Cash drawer will open when Cash tender option is selected
2. Is drawer code entered properly?
a. Enter code 27,112,48,55,121
b. Scroll to bottom, select Save