Void / Return a Credit Card Transaction

To void a transaction:
1. Login into your Back Office
2. Click on Reports from the top navigation tabs
3. Select Transaction Detail from the Reports Menu
4. Locate the desired transaction number
5. Click on the ## of the transaction
6. Scroll down and select the appropriate action (read below for details)
*Transaction records CANNOT be deleted from back office reports.
A Credit Card Void can only be used the same day as the sale. This will prevent you from being charged a processing fee since there is no monetary exchange yet. To complete a void simply click the Credit Card Void button. If you attempt to void a sale the next day or any day in the future you will be met with the below error message. 
A Credit Card Return can be completed at any time after a sale. However, you will be charged a processing fee since money has process through various accounts. Processing a return same day will lead to a double charge. To prevent a double charge remember to void a sale when it was refunded same day. To complete a return simply click the Credit Card Return button.
The below error message infers that the Void or Return has already been processed.
Should you have any issues please contact the Groovv Support Team at (855) 839-7277.