Table Split by Selection

Split options: 
Split by Selection: Splits the ticket by selecting and moving specific items from one ticket to another. To complete this action select the desired item to be moved then select the top grey section of the other ticket(s.) You can add or subtract tickets from this split option by touching the symbols as necessary.
When the table is ready for the check, return to the designated table:
1. Touch the  icon.
2. After selecting the Tickets icon you are met with three (3) split tender options at the top of the Split Tickets screen. Touch the Split by Selection option.
3. Another ticket has now been created along side the original. To add or subtract ticket touch the  symbols as necessary
4. To move objects from the original ticket to the desired ticket
a. Select the desired item
b. Touch the ticket it belongs to
c. Repeat as necessary
5. Touch  and the recently split transactions will be assigned a new transaction number
6. Touch the grey rectangles above the tickets and touch  to bring the tickets to the table
7. After collecting the payments from your guests return to the table's tickets screen. Now touch the rectangles above the ticket you wish to pay out and touch  
*Note: Only one ticket can be paid at a time
8. Process payment 
9. After payment, touch to be brought back to the table's tickets screen
Repeat as necessary