Departments - Create

To create a Department:
1. Log into your Back Office
2. Click on Inventoryfrom the top navigation tabs 
3. Select Departments from the Inventory Menu
4. Select the  button
5.  The ID field is auto assigned based on the order in which servers are created
6. Enter a Name which best describes the department
7. Select a tax rate. This row allows you to choose the tax rate for the department.
a. The left column adds tax to the price (Tax 1 is auto checked for creating all Departments)
b. The right column reads the price as having tax included
8. Kitchen Devices (restaurant users) allows you to select the kitchen device that items in this department will be printer to once the ticket has been fired and saved
9. Restaurant Options [?] (restaurant users) allows you to choose whether or not to use the Fire Button. To learn more hover your mouse over the [?] or read below
10. Choose a Default Color to represent this new department on your register’s keyboard. (you can only add an image, which will replace the color, for a newly created department after saving)
11. Click the  button, to save this department.
To add an Image:
1. You can now add an image by selecting the Browse button. (*Or Choose File, if you are using Chrome)
Select any image file that you wish to represent this department’s button on your Groovv register’s key board.
2. Click Open 
3. Locate the desired image to represent the Department from your photos
3. Click Upload Image.
4. Click 
On your tablet/register:
1. Touch the three vertically aligned squares in the top right side.
2. Select Cloud from the Register Options Menu
3. Select Synchronize