Log in to Activate the Groovv App

  1. When the Groovv Retail/Restaurant (Cloud) app starts for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password.                                                            
  2. Enter your User Name that was used to create your account on the Groovv web site, and the current password.
  3. After the User Name and Password has been authenticated, this information will be used each time the Groovv (Cloud) app is started on your device.
  • If authentication succeeds, you will not be prompted for the User Name and Password again.
  • If you password is changed on the back office, the password will need to be reentered on all devices the next time they are started.
 After logging on, the main register screen is displayed. Sales can be entered immediately after starting.
 The Cloud icon shows the register's connected state:
Connected to the network and connected for Auto-Synchronize
Not connected to the network. Touch the icon to try to reconnect to the network