Register Options Menu

Pressing the three vertically aligned squares key located in the top right corner of your Groovv Register, which will open an option menu with Reports, Items, Customers, Settings, Cloud, Help, About and Exit
Reports - Provides the option to view/print/email various types of reports
Items - Displays a list of items created on your account.
*Please note that items may be adjusted in the register’s Items menu, but must first be created in the Back Office in order to show up in the application’s Item list.
Customers - Opens the customer look up screen.
Settings - Consists of 4 sections
Preferences - Contains several register specific option controls, including one that control screen orientation.
Devices - This is where to manage device connections such as cash drawers and printer connections.
Taxes - Located on this tab is the option to store up to 4 different sales tax rates.
Database - This is where functions related to Backing up system data, resetting keyboard size, or deleting the entire data base.
Cloud - Used to synchronize your register with your online back office to receive new updates e.g. new register keys, departments, etc.
Help - Takes you to visit the support site for the specific instance of your account (Retail or Restaurant)
About - Displays your Groovv Register version information and support contact information
Exit - Used to close the Groovv Register application.