Inventory Items - Create

To create an item:
1. Log into the Back Office
2. From the top navigation tabs, click Inventory
3. Click 
4. The ID field can be edited, but it is recommended to allow the program to auto assign this field
5. Description appears in the ticket window and on the receipt
6. Short Desc. appears on the item key
7. ScanID is the barcode scan ID number associated with the item, if applicable.
8. Using the drop-down arrow select the associated Department
9. Enter the Cost, the dollar amount that the business pays for the item
10. Enter the Price, the dollar amount that the customer pays for the Item
11. Taxable & Settings is where you will select the tax rate for the item. The left column adds tax to the price, the right column reads the price as having tax included. 
*Note: You cannot have Tax 1-4 checked off in combination with Incl. Tax 1-4. Having it checked off this way will cause the system to only calculate Incl. Tax 1-4.
12. Q.O.H. is the current quantity on hand.
13. Image allows you to choose the picture to use as the item button. A file cannot be chosen until the item is inserted. Please read below for step by step directions.
14. ModifiersThis restaurant specific field allows items to have sub items such as cook temperature or different cooking styles
15. Click the  button
To add an image: 
1. Click the Browse/Choose File button
2. Select any image file within your computer that you wish to represent this item’s button on your register keys
3. Select any image followed by Open
4. Click 
On your tablet/Groovv register:
1. Select the Register Options Menu icon                            
2. Select Cloud
3. Select Synchronize (located on the very bottom of the Cloud screen)
(Click Here to Watch the Video)