Troubleshooting - Receipt Printer (One)

Printer / Power Troubleshooting
Is the Printer...
  • not printing?
  • not found in Groovv App Settings?
  • error being displayed?  


Troubleshooting the Power and its Connections

1. Is the Register's power established?

a. If not, plug the power cable to back of device and any known functioning wall outlet.
b. Is the other end of that cord securely plugged into the back of the register (Is flat side facing down)?
            - If it was already, change the power outlet (preferably one located on a different wall)
c. Switch power toggle, on the front of device, to turn it on.
d. Is the Tablet connected to the WiFi titled 'CustomECR'?
e. Is the Ethernet cord in the front of the register securely plugged in?
             f. Is the other end of that Ethernet cord plugged into your internet provider's modem?

In App troubleshooting

In Groovv Application, touch Register Options Menu  > Settings > Devices
1. Does Receipt Printer Model read Custom America CA Printer?
a. If not select Custom America CA Printer from drop-down arrow
b. This should auto populate Drawer Code and Cutter Code
c. Scroll to bottom of screen, touch Save
d. Touch Test Printer
e. If nothing occurs, ensure printer paper is loaded properly
2. Does Cutter Code read 27,105?
a. If not enter the above code
b. Scroll to bottom of screen, touch Save
c. Touch Test Printer
Should you have any issues please contact the Groovv Support Team at (855) 839-7277.