Error Message Help - Connectivity

Listed below are a series of connectivity errors along with the screenshots and brief explanations:
Cloud connection lost - The below error message states that the connection between the tablet and the Groovv Register cloud has been interupted. Touch the cloud to attempt to restore connection.
Credit Card Process Error - Unable to process Credit Card Sale because there is no WiFi connection
Credit Card Process Error - Unable to process Tip because there is no WiFi connection. After three (3) attempts you will be met with the second error message.
Credit Card Process Error - Unable to Finalize Credit Card Sale when Pressing the New Transaction button. After three (3) attempts you will be met with the second error message.
Error connecting to defined printer - Unable to connect to the defined Network, Bluetooth or USB printer
Table data not retrieved - Connection was lost when saving the table ticket and can not be located. Table status must be reset.
Error connecting to scanner - Bluetooth scanner has been turned off or unpaired from the Groovv Register application and
Unable to reach IP Address of Kitchen Printer - Red Printer icon means that the connection to the kitchen device failed. Touching the red printer will lead to the other error message being shown
Error getting consecutive table - Because there is no WiFi connection register was unable to pull the next corresponding QSR table number
Error loading Open Credit Card results - Groovv Register was unable to run open authorization query. Manually close app and relaunch.