Home (Dashboard)

The Home Tab is the login landing page for Groovv Register. From here you are able to see a snapshot of daily sales and weekly totals broken down by day and department.
Below the Back Office navigation tabs you see five (5) columns. These columns display your store/restaurants daily totals for:
Tender total - Sums up the total net income for the day
Credit Card transactions Total - Sums up the net credit card tender total for the current day
Cash transactions Total -  Sums up the net cash tender total for the current day
= total cash transaction sales + Paid Out - Paid In
Other Transactions Total - Sums up the net total other tender (Tender 1, Tender 2 and Tender 3) totals for the current day
Transaction Total - Counts the total number of transactions (tickets) for the current day
Negative amounts are shown in parentheses. 
Weekly Sales Summary
This line graph allows you to see a weekly snapshot comparison of today and the previous six (6) days from right to left. Weekly Sales Summary meant to help you decipher what are your strongest volume days of the week. To view customized time range totals visit Sales Reports
Top Departments
This horizontal bar graph shows your top departments by income for the previous week begining from today's date. Top Departments is meant to help you view what departments customers love the most. Only the top six (6) net sales departments are shown in the bar graph. To view all department and item sales visit Inventory Sales Report.
* This is a dashboard, not a reporting page. The Home tab can not be edited. To view editable reports visit the Reports tab and select the report type to fit your needs.
* The Dashboard does not update instantaneously as sales come in. It can take several minutes for a transaction to become accounted for on the Home tab. Individual receipts can be seen nearly instantaneously from Transaction Detail.