8 More Ways to Grow Your Customer List

  • Enter sign ups at the POS. Simply ask callers or in-store patrons for their contact info and enter it on the spot in Groovv Offers.
  • Ask for it on the credit card receipt. When a customer is signing their credit card receipt, ask them to include their email address. At the end of the day, enter those into your Groovv Offers account.
  • Embed “Join my VIP Club” on all your marketing. How about box/bag stickers, tear sheets, take ones, receipt tape, your menu, buttons, and your business cards?
  • In your shipped boxes or bags. Don’t let that valuable real estate go to waste so include a small note or piece of paper with a follow-up offer asking the customer to go to your online sign up form.
  • Add to your Email Signature.  Put that BIG Welcome Offer in your signature line.
  • Add a field to your New Customer Forms. Add a email/mobile phone field and a checkbox like this: “Yes, I would like to receive promotions by joining your VIP club.”
  • Post requests to Facebook Wall. Introduce your VIP Club to your friends and followers with a link to your sign up form.
  • Creating a monthly raffle for a free meal or gift card can greatly increase sign ups during the month.