Add an Offer to Your Email or Website

Groovv Offers makes it pretty easy to create offers and insert them into your outbound emails you already send, or on your website.

When you do this, you can turn static, "print-only" offers into constantly changing "mobile" offers that are conveniently grabbed by your customers to their phones.

Your offers will have higher redemption rates because fans will be walking around with them in their pockets. Just as importantly, Groovv Offers can be redeemed in your store and automatically tracked, so you always know how you're doing.

Groovv Offers automatically provides a unique link called a permalink for every offer. Once you locate and copy this link, you can paste it onto your website or in your outbound emails as part of overall graphics or copy for the offer that you write.

To insert a Groovv Offers offer into email or on your website:

  1. Create a Groovv Offers offer.
  2. Locate your offer in the table on the Groovv Offers home screen and click the offer name.
  3. Find the Social offer Page and Copy the permalink.

If you have a webmaster or staff/consultant who does your email marketing, you can give this permalink to him/her and ask them to create a nice coupon image that they code the link to. Don't forget to send the offer details to this person as well!

Customers will see the image in your email or on your website and click it, then get taken to the Social Offer Page to read the details and grab it to their phone.