FAQ's About Groovv Offers

Groovv Offers Q & A:
Can I create groups of different emails, or segment my list?
  • Yes. Email groups can be created either within your Active Email Customers list, or while importing an existing email list.
Can I create my own custom offer title, or do I have to choose from the drop down "Ideas" menu in Step 2: Design?
  • The offer titles in the Ideas drop down menu are just suggestions to help you if you get stumped, and as such you may edit them any way you wish! Alternatively, you can also type in your own custom title - so get creative!
Can I make my own theme?
  • Currently, we do not allow you to create your own theme. We're always adding new themes to Groovv Offers to meet your needs. If you have any specific suggestions, please comment here.
Can I preview my email offer before I send it to my customers?
  • Yes. On Step 3 (Publish), after designing your offer, click the Send Test button next to Email to send a test email to yourself.
How do my customer signup using a computer or tablet to receive offers?
How often should I send text offers?
  • Best practices indicate that, in general, you should not send more than one text message per week to your customers.
  • More frequent messaging can result in high opt-out rates or complaints.
  • Monitor your opt-out rate by clicking Opt-out from the drop down list on the Customers tab.
*Note: These are only guidelines. Depending on your unique situation, more or less messages may be warranted.
I can’t sign into Groovv Offers?
  • You may have a pop-up blocker enabled in your browser’s settings. Go to Preferences or Settings in your browser and disable pop-up blocking. Or, look for a pop-up window when logging into Groovv Offers that asks you to accept websites from this address.