How Do I Delete an Offer?

If you published an offer (it's LIVE) and now wish to delete it, simply edit the expiration date to today. Depending on how you sent it, read below:

Offers Sent via Facebook or Twitter - If it is on your Facebook Wall or Twitter stream, you can delete it from there by going directly there and deleting the post, though it may have already posted to your fans' newsfeeds.

Offers Sent via Email or Mobile Text Messaging - It's been sent and you can't retract it, naturally. FYI, I generally don't recommend sending another email or text msg to correct the last one unless it's a big error.

Offers Published to your website - If you posted it to your offer box on your website, changing the expiration date to today will wipe the offer from the box after today - or you can swap it with a new offer.

Lastly, you can actually delete a SCHEDULED or DRAFT offer. Just click on the respective tab and mouse over the "delete" link under the title of the offer.