How to Eliminate Coupon Fraud

Groovv Offers makes it easy to eliminate coupon fraud because each Offer can only be used a single time and must be used before the expiration date.

The Groovv Offers redemption process works by having your staff ask the fan to press a button (or reply back with a code via text) on the offer in front of that staff member and look for the resulting messaging from Groovv Offers.

There is no need for integration with your cash register or significant training.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you publish an offer to your Email Customers, Facebook, Twitter, or website, the customer "grabs" the offer to their phone by entering their mobile number and clicking the "Grab to phone" button (if published to Mobile Customers, this step is eliminated).
  2. Groovv Offers then sends a text version of your Offer to their mobile phone with the Offer's headline and an embedded web page link.
  3. Your customers clicks the embedded link and are taken to an attractive, themed web page version of your offer that has been optimized for viewing on their smartphones.
  4. When customers visit your business, they present the offer to you or your staff. You then ask them to click the big green "Redeem" button.
  5. When a customer clicks the green button, Groovv Offers instantly a) checks the expiration date b) whether or not the coupon has been used yet by that phone number and c) whether that phone number is authorized to use that coupon. If all checks pan out, the system returns an immediate text message "Congrats, you're good to go!" or displays it as a mobile web page.
  6. The fan then shows the Congrats message to the staff and the staff provides the discount.

Critical Note: As long as you instruct your staff to ask customers to reply in front of them, coupon fraud is eliminated. If a customer comes in with an already redeemed coupon (according to the Congrats message time stamp) it is up to you to decide whether or not to honor it. 

Ideally offers that do not have the time stamp should not be accepted, unless you choose otherwise.